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Death Claim

The loss of a loved one is never an easy situation to go through, which is why we have made claiming easy and painless. A valid funeral benefit is paid to you within 24 hours of receiving all claim documentation. We may require additional information; however, we will contact you and let you know what documents we need. In order to claim, please have your policy number, your basic information (name surname, ID number, contact details), the deceased’s details and your documents on hand. Once we have received your claim and all documents, you will receive an SMS acknowledging receipt with a tracking number. If you have any queries, please contact us on the below number or email address, alternately, please visit us at one of our branches and our staff will be happy to assist you.

How to claim

With Deaffirst, there are 4 easy steps to be taken and you have to follow options to inform us of your claim:


Download the claim form here or obtain a claim form at any of the Deaffirst Branch offices nationwide.


The claim form will guide you as to what documentation is required for your claim to be successful and what information to complete.


The completed claim form must be signed and
• Handed in at the branch office of your choice
• Emailed to
• Faxed to 086 225 2879
• You can even call us for further information and assistance


You will be informed of the progress on your claim throughout the claims process.


The waiting periods that apply to your claim

Benefits will not be paid for claims within six months after the cover for that life insured began. This is known as a waiting period.

If this policy replaces another policy with similar benefits you ended within 90 days of this policy starting, then the condition-specific waiting period will only be the unexpired part of the waiting under the policy that ended.


Benefit limits

The maximum benefit amount that can be paid out under this benefit is R60 000 per funeral cover per policy, irrespective of the number of deaths in the family in respect of the life cover in the policy year.


Benefits within South Africa

Death at any registered hospital in the Republic of South Africa are covered.

How the claims process works?

When, a life event has occurred, and you need to submit a claim on your Deaffirst funeral cover

  • Select your Claims option:
  • Your claim will be registered when all documentation is complete and submitted and you will get an SMS confirming receipt of your claim.
  • Your claim will be assessed and validated.
  • Your claim will be approved within 24 hours if all required documents have been satisfactorily submitted.
  • Note: You will be updated on the progress of your claim throughout the claims process
Head Office

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